How to make Sayu.

1.Choose water.

The climate of Japan creates delicious water.
Soft water that seeped out by filtration in mulch or clay layer is suitable for drinking.

On the other hand, water in Europe has a lot of hard water.
When choosing Bottled water, please choose soft water with less minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

The hardness of Evian (Evian) and Vittel (French famous mineral water) exceeds 300 and belongs to “extremely hard water” according to WHO standards.
Even in the same French mineral water, Volvic is soft water.

2.Boil water.

Pour water into the kettle and put it on fire. When it boils, stop the fire and pour the hot water into the cup. Let’s wait for a few minutes until it gets the proper temperature.


Do not rush, let’s slowly sip the water.
Close your eyes and feel hot water will flow to your stomach.
If you get used to it, you will feel a rich flavor.
You should be able to get as much satisfaction as coffee.

4.Drinking in the morning is effective.

When you drink hot water in the morning, your body temperature will rise, letting your body and brain wake up.
Metabolism also improves, you can expect the effect of detox.
Now, the switch of the day enters.
Every morning let’s make a habit of drinking hot water.

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