Sayu is a lifestyle, a kind of meditation, even thought.

Formerly Gordon Gekko said.
“Greed is good.”
In the era of economic growth, it is a good way of thinking.
However, mass consumption has already reached the limit in mass production.
The times have changed, and more people are finding virtues in moderation.
People’s interest is toward ecology and the environment.

So, what about our body?

In fact, sweet milkshake is attractive.
But as soon as I put it in the body,
The blood sugar level rises sharply, and the pancreas secretes insulin in large quantities.
If these things continue like every day, not only the pancreas but also the blood vessels will be injured.

On the other hand, sugar is not contained in simple hot water.
Caffeine and additives as well.
It is gentle to the internal organs and the endocrine system and gives stimulation moderately.
It brings more than nutritional efficacy to the body.

Also drinking hot water will calm the nerve.
What about our spirit?
There is an important point right here.
Sayu is not just about drinking hot water.
It is a lifestyle, a kind of meditation, even thought.

Knowing the taste of Sayu, realizing the effect is,
That is,
It is a proof that your spirit has changed.

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